What is MRBS?

MRBS is a free, GPL, web application using PHP and MySQL/pgsql for booking meeting rooms or other resources.

Some features:

The main screen


There is a demonstration version of MRBS described here. Please try not to break it too badly!


MRBS is very reliable at this point. All the features that are needed in day-to-day operation are included. It's very intuitive for users, so very little or no instruction is needed. It is in production use at many large organisations around the world for uses as diverse as it's originally intended meeting rooms to restaurant tables and aeroplanes at a flying school!

Different languages are supported, there are translations for many languages available (current list above). If your language is not supported it is very easy to customize as all strings are stored in language-specific files.


See the contact page.


MRBS was originally written by Daniel Gardner. With the codebase initially taken from WebCalendar because it seemed as though they had similar objectives. These days there is very little (if any) code from the original project. There have been many contributors to the project, most recently Campbell Morrison has implemented many features, with some support by John Beranek.

Everything is provided by SourceForge - because they're nice like that.

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