Documentation : LANGUAGE

        MRBS Language Support

Each "lang.*" file (in the web/lang/ directory) contains the text strings
for a language.  Not all of these files are complete.  Note that MRBS always
reads a reference file (which defaults to "lang.en") first, before reading
another language file.

Porting MRBS to another language is relatively easy. From the Admin page,
you will see "Your browser is set to use "xx" language". If no "lang.xx"
file is available, copy "lang.en" to "lang.xx" (replace xx with the code
you found in Admin), and then edit the file to change the English strings
to your language.  For example, you might
change: $vocab["gototoday"] = "Go To Today";
    to: $vocab["gototoday"] = "gehe zum heutigen Tag";

You will then find that MRBS starts to use your language file
automatically. If you are having trouble getting this to work, see the
language section of config.inc.php.

If you would like to complete or improve an existing language file, the
"checklang.php" script included in the distribution can help. Copy this
to your web server area, into the same directory as the MRBS lang.* files.
Now use your browser to access:
(where "xx" is the code of the language file you want to check). This
will report missing or untranslated strings in "lang.xx" compared to
"lang.en". If you omit the parameter and access:
you will see the results of checking all available language files.

If you do create or improve a language file, please post a message about
it on the mailing list, so it can be included in future releases. Thanks!

Important note: You should not use any HTML entities in the translation
other than  . If you need to use any other characters you should
just encode those characters in utf-8.
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